Snellville Home

A beautiful home located in a quiet Snellville neighborhood, this place will make your loved one feel comfortable and secure.

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Loganville Home

A very beautiful home located in a small town neighborhood in Loganville, this house will give your loved ones a sense of coziness and belonging.

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Cleveland Home

Nestled in a quiet Cleveland neighborhood, our largest facility is located in this beautiful mountain community just minutes from Gainesville.

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Since 1993


We celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special events just like your loved one used to be able to do when they lived at home! These are wonderful, recently renovated Alzheimers, Personal Care, and Assisted living homes, where meals are lovingly prepared right on site.

Our nurses and care assistants are personally vetted to provide the utmost care, requiring regular training in CPR and First Aid, as well as Medication Dispensing. Our pride is evident in being there for your loved ones in their time of need!



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